Black Art Tuning was setup & is run by Matt & Phill who have been friends for many years & bring a mix of different skills to the business.

Our aim these days is very different to the aim we had in 2016 when we started Black Art Tuning.. These days we spend most of our time importing classic bikes from California to the UK. We bring back bikes that were either not available or difficult to find in the UK. We buy in California the sunshine state as generally the bikes are in good condition and maybe rusty but not rotten.

Our Story

Back in 2016 we decided to setup Black Art Tuning as a suspension tuning company.. We booked onto a course in California & while we were there we decided we would buy some cars & bikes to bring home to sell..

We sold the bikes quickly when we got back & decided that this was something we seriously wanted to continue with.. Since then we’ve done many more containers of bikes and a few trucks & cars..

We’re still doing suspension tuning and do a lot of vintage stuff including modification of vintage units including rebuilding non rebuildable shocks.